what is a credit sweep ?

The answer to the question “what is a credit sweep” can be defined in many different terms. Even the physical act “sweeping” with a broom can have multiple subjective concepts relevant to a particular situation. Excellent credit repair would be the equivalent of sweeping the floor exactly the way your grandparents expected it to be done. Dusty streaks and haphazard regimental strokes while cleaning is similar to many of today’s operatives who claim to tidy up the credit files.

Steam Cleaning vs. the Broom Method:
For centuries people used brooms to sweep their rugs before modern vacuum methods created by the invention of electricity. Exactly like that carpet or rug a credit file that is “cleaned” with more emphasis on superficial appearance and less concentration on providing a sanitary finished product will fail to deliver the optimal results. Exactly like the homeowner coughing and sneezing from unseen dust particles and allergens weak credit repair operators often do more harm than good. When planning to rid a rug of everything that needs to go sometimes it requires renting one of those steam cleaners from the store.

Excellence in credit sweeping provides the identical result of professionally deep-cleaning a carpet. Although the sneezing and coughing from a bad sweeping job are only figurative, it is clearly detectable by banks and others experienced in checking credit. The end result of calamity remains equal. Being denied or having permanent damage to a credit profile from a lazy consumer credit “broom pusher” is nothing short of the equivalent of a trip to the ER. Sometimes it takes highly skilled credit surgeons to resuscitate the distressed credit scenario, and far too often the lenders have to make that dreaded walk of surgical failed loan denial out to greet the grieving would-be borrower’s family. Don’t be that family.

The Career Custodial Advantage:
When children create an unsightly mess too complicated and possibly even lunch-losing for teachers to remove who do they call? Unlike those people who experience hauntings and evil apparitions, there are no “Ghostbusters” who will jump out and race to the rescue. For those disgustingly vile and sometimes genius-like imaginarily monstrous experiments, only one credible source is available. It is not HAZMAT because they are small potatoes compared to the veteran custodial staff member at any local elementary school. Excellence in credit sweeping is more than a cousin to masterful janitorial prowess – they are twins.

Experience, experience, and more experience are the only substitutes for talent when it comes to sweeping up after those precious little darlings, and credit surgeons need far more than John Hopkins-like credentials hanging on their office walls. Doctors, soldiers, custodians and credit repair experts realize that there is simply no substitute which can only come from acting and reacting to unthinkable circumstances time after time and year after year. Whether it is disease, evil-doers, permanent markers on white walls or derogatory remarks on a credit file the battle can only be won by those brave and proud few who are seasoned and equal to the task at hand.


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