What Does It Mean to Sweep Credit?

The art and science of sweeping credit are perfected by those who not only remove all unwanted debris but provide a scene of “after the fact” conditions which remain undetectable. Anyone can remove unseen dust by ripping up the carpet and throwing it into the dumpster, but the aftermath of the procedure is probably going to be noticeable. Sweeping with clinical precision in a covert action of credit file search and rescue is something that can’t happen from the neighbor’s kid who just happens to be great with computers.

The act of calling in a “credit sweep” is the equivalent of the radio operator in that war movie who’s team of brave consumer borrowers is pinned down in the jungle with predatory lending and FICO fatal reporting hanging in the balance. Precision and attention to detail when it comes to listing the perfect coordinates can be the difference between a successful, though somewhat smoky cleansing and more than just singed eyebrows. Often the damage done is not visible until the next application for credit, but it eventually comes out in the laundry or interest-related terms and rates.

Broom Shopping 101:
A credit sweep is semi-officially defined as “the act of permanently improving the consumer credit life of concerned individuals by providing a deep cleansing of unwanted remarks not conducive to future borrowing endeavors.” Finding a broom is easy but finding the “right broom” for the job is what matters.

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