Credit Sweep

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Credit Sweep Credit Repair Are You A Good Candidate?

The Typical Credit Sweep Credit Repair Customer, Is this you?

  • Sick and tired of living with bad credit?
  • Frustrated that your life is more expensive because of high interest rates and fees due to your bad credit?
  • Been turned down for a better job with more income just because you have bad credit?
  • Unable to fund your own business because your credit stinks?

The Fears of a Credit Sweep Credit Repair Customer, Is this you?

  • Scared about investing thousands of dollars upfront with a credit repair company without really knowing if they will be able to help you?
  • Worried about having to pay monthly fees that can drag on for years without knowing if you will get actual results?
  • Wondering if the money you are about to give to that nice stranger will grow legs and disappear?
  • Tired of wasting your valuable time waiting for items to be removed from your credit report?
  • Nervous about running into a professional scammer who will take you money and just disappear?
  • Curious as to whether the company you are about to pay a fortune to actually has a clue about credit repair?

The Solution We Provide To The Typical Credit Sweep

 Credit Repair Customer, This Could be You!

  • 100% CROA (Credit Repair Organizations Act) Compliant – We Only Charge Fees After Work Is Performed – See how the FTC requires Credit Sweep
  • No Monthly Fees – Our Pricing Is Simple, You Credit Sweep
  • Nothing Deleted Nothing Paid
  • If We Don’t Have A Clue You Don’t Have A Bill, You ONLY pay if we succeed

But Are We Any Good At Credit Repair?

  • Over 10 Years In The Credit Repair Business Plus an additional 5 years in the Personal and Business Finance world
  • In addition to credit repair we will show you how to rebuild and reestablish your credit
  • Thousands Of Dollars Spent Every Year On Continuing Education
  • Over 20 Advanced Credit Repair Tactics To Get Your Items Removed
  • Then again…….Who cares, you only PAY BASED ON OUR PERFORMANCE……LOL

We Created Our Pay After Deletion Credit Repair Program For 1 Reason!!

Because our customers DEMANDED a results based program they could count on to get results!!!! and results are what we get. Our average client sees about 75% of the items we dispute come off or get corrected on their credit report within 6 short months. The additional remaining items are corrected or removed at a 20%- 25% rate each additional month thereafter. This means if you have 20 items to be removed we could see 15 removed in 6 months and then 1 additional item removed every month thereafter. These numbers are considered one of the highest in the credit repair industry!

What’s Next?

Additional Research?

Learn More About Our 20 Advanced Credit Repair Tactics? Learn About Us Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How to Sign Up?

Program Options and Pricing Sign Up To Obtain more detailed information please fill out the form on the right or call us at the number shown above. We will not subject you to any high pressure sales pitches, we only want to be able to answer your questions about our Credit Sweep program